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折りたたみ式ワイヤレスBluetoothステレオベースヘッドフォン、マイク付きiPhone 4f6m用マイク

折りたたみ式ワイヤレスBluetoothステレオベースヘッドフォン、マイク付きiPhone 4f6m用マイク



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  • メーカー/原産地: 579ef954a037085569e3b215
  • 商品の状態: 新品
  • 発送国: 日本
  • 平均配送日数: 7~14 営業日
  • 商品説明: Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Bass Headphone w/Mic for iPhone Handfree 4T6M
Bluetooth + stereo headset combo.
Wireless headphone connects to other device that has Bluetooth capability, such as, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy's, HTC's, etc.
3.5mm audio jack, provides a simple wired connection of a variety of devices without Bluetooth.
Allow you to answer or reject phone calls anytime and anywhere.
Charged via USB, rechargeable battery, convenient and practical.
Playing time up to 10 hours, and continue talk time up to 7-8 hours, standby time up to 120 hours.
Good quality, foldable design and adjustable length hinges, very comfortable to wear and easy to carry.
Best choice for listening music, watching movie, chatting online etc.

Type: Stereo headphone with Mic
Bluetooth version: ISSC3.0
Operation distance: 10m
Sensitivity: 105dB+ / - 3dB
Impedance: 50
Frequency Response Range: 20~20000hz
Rechargeable lithium battery: 300mAh
Charge time: 2-3hrs
Charge port: USB
Resistance: 32ohm
Plug type: 3.5mm
Audio cable length: 1.2m / 3.94ft
Earmuff diameter: 8cm / 3.1in
Item weight: 152g / 5.4oz
Package size: 16.5 * 15 * 9cm / 6.5 * 5.9 * 3.5in
Package weight: 295g / 10.4oz

Package List:
1 * Headset
1 * USB Cable
1 * Audio Cable
1 * User Manual (English)
Q1 :The product can't be used if not boot?
Make sure if the power is enough, fully charged with 5V 0.5A/1A and then restart again.
Q2: The product can be charged?
Charge with 5V Voltage, 0.5A /1A. Indicator red light is on while charging until red light is off. Please charge with another Micro USB cable or charging adaptor.
Q3: The headphone can not be connected with Bluetooth?
In pairing state, please make sure headphone if it's in pairing state( red light and blue light flashes alternatively / blue light flashes quickly. Press "Power" button for 5 seconds for entering pairing state when turning off.
Clear or ignore the saved Bluetooth devices that previously connection. Turn off and restart the phone for searching and connecting again
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