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FLEXIMOUNTS®T012超薄型LCD LEDプラズマ角度傾斜機能TVウォールマウントブラケット26 "-55"

FLEXIMOUNTS®T012超薄型LCD LEDプラズマ角度傾斜機能TVウォールマウントブラケット26 "-55"



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【DEVICE/デバイス】MC ボディバッグ 【Mathilda】ストラップセパレートパンプス MJ4006
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商品説明FLEXIMOUNTS® T012 Super Low Profile LCD LED Plasma Angle Tilt Function TV Wall Mount Bracket 26"-55"
This FLEXIMOUNTS super low profile angle tilt function slim TV mount bracket attach nearly flush to the wall to maximize the sleek, thinness of LED TVs which make TVs like a picture hanging on the wall; this mount can hold a TV with flat screen between 26" and 55" with max 400*400 VESA compatibility and max.66lbs loading capacity.

Angle free tilt function: the self-locking mechanical construction provides effortless adjustment of viewing angles with tightening the knob.
Magnetic bubble level: perfect positioning is guaranteed by removable magnetic bubble level.
Safety lock: built-in safety lock keeps your flat panel TV safe and stable.
Universal hole pattern: random hole pattern and side to side adjustment allow mount to fit nearly all flat panel TVs.
Performance strong: solid heavy-gauge steel construction & durable power coated finish ensure strong performance of all the FLIXIMOUNTS TV mounts.
Super low profile: only 25mm to the wall.

Model: T012
Material: cold-rolled steel
Distance to the wall: 25mm
Color: black
Tilt angle: 0~10 degree
Available VESA Size: 100x100mm 200x100 mm 200x200 mm 300x200 mm 300x300 mm 400x300 400x400 mm
Weight capacity:max.88lbs (40kg)
Compatible screen size: 26''-55''
Product Dimension: 18''x17''x9'' (452x420x218mm)
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you


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