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LEDポータブルミニスピーカーワイヤレスハンズフリースピーカーTF laikeetスピーカー

LEDポータブルミニスピーカーワイヤレスハンズフリースピーカーTF laikeetスピーカー



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商品説明LED Portable Mini Speakers Wireless Hands Free Speaker With TF laikeet speaker
Dear customers:
You save a lot of money because it's coming directly from factory to your hand. Good quality and super low price!
1.We promise 100% refund if there's quality problem!
2.We send all of our orders with trackable shipping number.
3.We stand behind every orders to solve all the problems you meet.

tSupport MP3 and other music formats of digital music player.
tCan be used to move the flash drive, anytime, anywhere to store MP3 songs or data.
tExquisite music sound quality, perfect music to enjoy.
tAt the same time have MP3 and mobile storage disk function.
tBuilt-in high-energy rechargeable lithium battery, long standby time.
tStylish compact design, exquisite workmanship, gifts to share.
tRandom play, arbitrary.
tEasy to operate, turn on the power to play music.
tSpecial Feature: Mini,Wireless,Portable
tSpeaker Type: Portable
tPlayback Function: Other,MP3
tBattery: Yes
tMaterial: Plastic
tWaterproof: No
tCabinet Material: Plastic
tSpeaker Structure: Sealed
tSupport Memory Card: Yes
tInterface Type: AUX,USB
tSpecial Feature: with LED Light / Handfree Mic+TF Card
tCompatibe for U disk TF/Micro SD Card,for iPod, MP3, for iPhone
tFunctions: TF, USB, FM Radio
tCompatible For Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, Computer
Package Content:
t1 X MP3 Player

Note:This is the card MP3, itself is not memory, you must plug the TF memory card (that is, the mobile phone memory card) to play son
1. Download song: Please download the song directly into the memory card, not download in the memory card inside the folder, the song format can be MP3 format. Memory card maximum not to use more than 8GB.
2.mp3 boot after the Red Lantern light, indicating normal power status. After the memory card is inserted into the MP3, the Red Lantern flashes, indicating that the music is playing normally. The parents can plug in the headphones and listen.

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